Good dashboards and fluent/actionable analytics cannot be had directly from events data. Accessing events-level data directly each time a dashboard is refreshed, or further analytics is done, is both too slow and too costly. Working at the events level also leads to unnecessary data cleaning and unnecessarily complex queries for the analyst. Joining events data to other data sources directly is not practical either.

Between you and your raw events data, you need a good data platform, which does the necessary aggregations, data cleaning, data joins, and other tasks, automatically.

This is why analytics often does not work well when a company just hires an analyst. If there is no data platform – requiring extensive data engineering and data architecture – for the analyst to build on, the analyst will either have to build one, or work slow and frustrated. We solve that by deploying a proven, integrated, built-to-scale data platform to your project.

On the other hand, typical off-the-shelf solutions will almost always not be enough in the long run. They do not support big scale and cannot be customized well. Games are different, and their analytics needs to be as well. With the Gamedata platform, analytics can be limitlessly customized. You can do it yourself, or we can do it for you.

Optionally integrate user acquisition (UA) data for LTV and ROAS prediction to learn what UA is profitable using metrics such as D30 ROAS, D180 ROAS and payback times. Know when you can scale up, and avoid losing money.

If you have Google Analytics for Firebase in your project, you don’t need to change a thing.

Gamedata’s data platform and dashboards will be up and running for you within a few days.



  • Our data platform has ETLs, data integration, and data aggregation. Your data is in one place, cleaned and aggregated, as one source of truth
  • You can customize or we can do it for you: add analytics, data exchange, and ML solutions
  • We deploy the code and get the platform running. The current ready-to-deploy implementation is for Firebase projects


  • Actionable and meaningful metrics and user groupings are already included
  • You have freedom to do customization and your own analytics, building on a solid base
  • Analytics-enabler: Data architecture and engineering are ready for your analyst and data scientist. They can start doing actionable analytics straight away and dive as deep as needed


  • Well-thought-out KPI dashboard, with metrics such as DAUs, MAUs, retention, churn, IAPs, LTV, is ready right after the deployment
  • Further visualizations and dashboards can be easily done with Data Studio, a free tool by Google. Other visualization tools (Sisense, Looker, Tableau, etc.) can be plugged in if needed


  • Data platform is extendable with Gamedata modules
  • UA/LTV module: Integrates your MMP data with in-game data. LTV/ROAS prediction down to the ad level. Shows which UA channels are profitable and when
  • SKAdNetwork data support
  • Virtual currencies module: monitor player inventories and trends in game economy
  • Virtual purchases module

We take care of your data so you can focus on making your games!


We work in partnership with our customers and develop analytics as needed by game teams. We have experience working with games at all stages of their life cycle. You will be in a good company!

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